Friday, 16 October 2015

That Nazi gold train - just a thought

No doubt it will cost a lot of money to dig down 8-10 metres to find the train in Poland, and it might take a lot of legal wrangling to get the job done to everyone's satisfaction. But photographs on Facebook show that, on the surface there are ventilation shafts. Surely someone could use some high tech system or even low tech system, to suspend a camera on a wire - like keyhole surgery? How about even sending a drone down there to fly through the length of the tunnel? Oh well, I was just saying. And there is a medical robotics expert in Wroclaw - I have his card.

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  1. Ha! Googling 'can you fly a drone in a tunnel' and 'can you fly a drone in a sewer' I found the answer - YES YOU CAN!! Meet the drones patrolling the pipes of Barcelona's sewers:
    They say "Currently, visual inspection and maintenance of these tanks and pipes requires workers to head underground. But in a test project, unmanned aerial vehicles have been taking on the task, steered remotely by an operator watching a feed from the drone's cameras as they pilot it through the pipes. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it -- and with a drone's help, a worker can do it without even stepping into a pair of wellies." So surely they could pop one down a ventilation shaft into the Nazi Gold Train tunnel!


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