Memorable moments - updated

Any memorable moments? Oh YES!

Seeing my grandfather's name on the Captains board at Reigate Grammar School. Arnold Ward, school captain in 1901, was awarded a Bravery Medal for distinguished service in WW1, with a citation for never failing to deliver a message in the trenches of Northern France - Ypres and Arras.

Interviewing the Mayor of Reigate for my school radio broadcast, aged 11 as Head Girl

A lightbulb moment of inspiration at Keele University Biology Department and brilliant all-night phage experiment in 1973 - resulting in me being presented to the Queen in 2015 - here's an official photo:

Working out a crossword clue when I was sound asleep - ICEBOX!

Leading lady in the musical "Carrots" as Dr Barnardo's wife

Receiving a "Smashing Teacher" certificate, and another one for "Best Dyed Hair"

Receiving a spiritual message: "God's instrument needs to be sharp and polished to reflect the light - by friction against the hardness of stone hearts"

Speaking without a script, in a meeting of 120 people at the House of Lords about the effects of workplace bullying in a Surrey school

Receiving a thank you card from the Strategic Health Authority in Hull whose packed audience were reduced to tears by my speech

Attending the launch of the Equal Treatment Bench Book revisions for the Judicial Studies Board (which I was consulted on, in a voluntary capacity)

Opening my first solo art exhibition - designs for wellbeing

Boarding a plane to Tbilisi, Georgia in the Former Sovier Union at the exact same moment as my brother - coincidence or miracle?

Business News national TV interview in Georgia

35 minute radio interview in Texas where Buddy Holly and the Crickets launched their career

Meeting with a top European phage expert on the 26th floor of the skyscraper Palace of Culture and Science that Stalin had built as a GIFT for Poland - nicknamed "Stalin's syringe"

My wonderful Churchill Silver Medallion Ceremony at London Guildhall presented by the Lady Mary Soames - Churchill's daughter

Speaking for 2 minutes after a conference dinner to international phage scientists in Edinburgh

Being shown the evidence of the secret WW2 bunker in Reigate Hill on a private visit

Holding in my hands, archive documents written by Winston Churchill, Philip Mitchiner, F W Twort and, hmm, Alexander Fleming

Knowing that I have successfully brought  ADJUVANT SYNDROME to the JCVI Committee's attention and this is their pathetic and immoral response: "The committee considered that the paper did not provide convincing data on the role of adjuvants in these four ‘enigmatic’ medical conditions and that the review did not raise safety concerns about the use of adjuvants."  Feedback from someone? "Awesome, more ammunition against the corrupt !!!"

Receiving heartfelt thanks from 2 fathers whose daughters are now recovered from Cervarix HPV
vaccine adjuvant serious adverse effects, after learning about the antidote to aluminium, silica-rich mineral water - oh no, one of them has been hospitalised again

Being publicly admonished by a young NHS Choices moderator to shut me up about antidotes

Being asked by Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace about my visits to the former Soviet Union about phage therapy:
"And did you find your medicine?" 
"Oh yes Sir!" I replied - "And it works!"